Bringing the theme of LeoRPG into the Medieval times, weaponry and enemies revolve around this theme. Fight off hoards of Brutes and Archers. Rounds switch between:

  • Survival: Much liked Cursed Survival, you will fight off multiple enemies with your sword/Bow and arrow. Each round has more powerful enemies.
  • Kill the Commanders: A set of 5 very powerful men, with strong swords that are more than likely the most powerful. Kill each man to move on to the next round.
  • Medieval Boss: Rare but somtimes make an appearance, this Skeleton-like Boss carries a Gold Greatsword and has the ability to disappear before you can harm them.

Each game of Medieval Survival will start you off with an Iron Greatsword and a LEGO Pistol which you can access using the 'Q' shortcut on your keyboard.