List of LeoRPG Beta Testers Edit

Alpha Testing: Edit

Alpha Testers were the first people to play LeoRPG. They were given access to early un-finished versions of the game so they could various features before being published. As a thank you to Alpha Testers, each of them have an item in the game named after them.

List of Alpha Testers: Edit

  • Damen
  • Tennis
  • Bp28
  • Hashir
  • Raindrop

Closed Beta Testing: Edit

Closed Beta Testing took place after Alpha Testing. Members of the DSGHQ Forums were able to apply for Closed Beta, but only a few were accepted. Closed Beta Testers have a red star on their rank brick on LeoRPG next to their name. Note: Alpha Testers are considered Closed Beta Testers as-well and will have a red star next to their name just like regular Closed Beta Testers.

List of Closed Beta Testers: Edit

  • Adawg
  • Gamer
  • Matthewvacc
  • Mark
  • Abushekaus
  • Bailey
  • Sadie
  • Courtney
  • Wheeler
  • Orbay
  • CPManiac
  • Bob
  • Aine
  • Chelsey
  • Archie
  • DanceBear
  • Tennis
  • Damen
  • Bp28
  • Hashir

Open Beta Edit

Open Beta took place after Closed Beta, when the game was finally open to the public. Open Beta Testers can be recognized because they have the Beta Shirt on LeoRPG.