There are multiple weapons that can be chosen from on LeoRPG. Weapons are used in almost every game mode, and have a limited amount of ammo.

RPG-7: Explosive weapon. shoots rockets at users and can be used to take down vehicles. Variant: Tennis RPG-7

AK47: Very common fully automatic weapon. Variant: Royale AK47

Snipers: Snipers are often found hidden throughout LeoRPG maps, and come in many different variants. The Imperial Sniper is the hardest to use, determined by recoil. The Royale Sniper is the most exclusive and elite of the snipers, and is usually a 1 hit kill weapon.

FAL: Semi-automatic rifle, equipped with a scope that allows you to zoom in greatly.

M4: Fully automatic assault rifle, very effective and powerful. Variant: Damen's M4

Lightsaber: From the classic movie series Star Wars, the lightsaber is used as a sword. Instead of having a metal blade however, the source is a laser beam varying in color. Variants: Red, Blue, Green, Purple, Damen's Lightsaber

Swords: Depending on the variant of sword, the damage it deals per hit differs. Swords are mainly used in Medieval game modes. Variants: Iron Greatsword, Steel Greatsword, Silver Greatsword, Gold Greatsword

Bow: Comes with a limited amount of arrows, a Medieval type of weapon. Launches arrows at a target. Variant: Royale Bow

LEGO Shotgun: Powerful gun good for Mid to close range combat. Variant: Hashir's Shotgun

LEGO Pistol: Hand gun used for close range combat. 

LEGO Blaster: Fully automatic gun that shoots laser beams towards an enemy. Used in Imperial Attack and Rebel Attack game modes.